Preface: Feebly Human Cells

Human cell consists of nucleus, cell membrane, bioblast, Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, lysosome, cytoskeleton and so on. Metabolism of cells in our body requires oxidation to obtain energy. Some of active byproduct will be released during the oxidation progress. Research findings have proven these byproduct compounds are actually directly related to human aging. They cause dysfunction of cell structures, deficiency of cell nutrients and trace elements.
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During the first 20 years of human life, growth rate of human cells are faster than mortality rate (human body consists only 30 trillion of cells when born, and 60 trillion of cells when achieve adulthood). However, things become contrary after 20 years old. Human requires a lot of amino acids, proteins and variety of trace elements to maintain the basic function and division of cells. Descend of body metabolism rate and environmental pollution result in cell aging which lead to various diseases and death on human. Cell aging is difficult to be prevented regardless to any stage of life or any lifestyle.
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Nowadays, our living environment is worsening due to environmental pollution, pesticide or chemical pollution on food and hustle lifestyle. Lack of nutriments and demolishment on our body cells can lead to abnormal metabolism and various types of chronic diseases.
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Symptom Of Cell Aging

Our body becomes enervate due to cell aging and it is inclining to be severe from adulthood until old age. Thus, HAM621 is playing a vital role in our life.
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